Why Should one Buy a property now?

Saturday Nov 18th, 2017


Market has dramatically changed. It was not long ago that the Buyers could not inspect, could not insert a finance condition and frankly could not even negotiate!
Buyers were on driver seat and they were getting khaki. 
Those day are long gone! 
There are many properties that are for sale however they are not in rush hence number of days in the market are increasing. There are others whom took off their property or rent them out in hope that the market will recover. 
Having said that  there are few that are desperate to sell and those are the ones that we focus on. While opinions are divided that whether the real estate market has bottomed out or not, It is important to know that NO ONE can predict in certianity how the market will react in near furture . The real estate reports come a month or too after the actual activity in the market as such they are not reliable source to act on those. 
We think The market has corrected well and while the property values might depreciate a little further, it very well may turn upwards as well  like a flip of coin  hence we didn't wait personally and we purchased our own investment property two weeks ago. property is a safe investmenr for a long term investor.
We put money when our mouth is and recommend you to buy now as well. We have a good understanding of the GTA's real estate market and know quite a few properties that we can buy 30% and in some cases 40% below the comparable sold one in March 2017. 
A week ago we bought property 26% below the sold price of the March 2017. The original buyer didn't close hence the seller relisted it and sold for substantially less.
If you wish to discuss these opportunities further, Please get in touch with us by either calling us at 416 275 5434 or 647 862 9394 or via email at allen.naseri@gmail.com or ben.yourbroker@gmail.com.

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